When a couple becomes engaged they get countless well-wishes, but they also get questions such as, “Where are you going to have the ceremony and the reception?” Deciding when and where to have a wedding isn’t always easy, because most towns have more than one venue. Couples should consider a variety of factors before making a decision; below are five easy rules for finding the perfect venue for a Blue Springs MO wedding reception.

Consider The Logistics

With the excitement and emotion of an engagement and wedding planning, it’s easy for a couple to get swept up and choose the first venue they see. While it may seem mundane, considering a venue’s logistics can save you a lot of frustration and money later on. The size of the guest list, the season in which you’re having the wedding, and special accommodations for guests are all important considerations.

Visit Venues At The Right Time

Saturday is a very popular day for engaged couples to check out wedding venues, which makes sense because it’s also a popular day for weddings. It’s important to schedule your visit for the same time of day as your ceremony will be scheduled. Consider lighting, air circulation and your wedding coordinator’s opinion when choosing a venue.

Ask If The Venue Offers Full Service

There are two different kinds of wedding venues: full-service and self-service. A full-service venue offers everything from catering supplies to furniture rentals, while a self-service venue leaves those decisions up to you. Some venues require you to work with certain vendors, and such an arrangement doesn’t offer much budget flexibility.

Ask As Many Questions As Necessary

Making a checklist and asking the right questions about a wedding or reception venue is important, but not as vital as asking the same questions of others who work with the venue. Depending on who you talk to, and upon their role, you may get different answers. If you think you’ve found out everything you need to know, ask again—and don’t forget to get it all in writing. By following the tips above, you can find a wedding reception venues with minimal hassle and frustration.